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Innovation isn’t about solo genius, it’s about collective genius.

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“Innovation isn’t about solo genius, it’s about collective genius.” Linda Hill

We creative types are always trying to find new ways to bolster our creativity. As writers, we tend to take that burden upon our own shoulders and sit in an office with our hands on the keyboard begging our muse to wake up and get it in gear.

Although our profession is mostly a solitary one, we do in effect use collective creativity when we interact with others on various forums, join writers groups, create critique groups, and stay involved in social media. Even taking your laptop to a local coffee shop can be helpful. You may not be asking other strangers in the shop for creative input, but chances are you’ll notice in mannerism or idiosyncrasy or scent or color or habit, and it will work its way into one of your characters or settings.

In the TedTalk link below, Linda Hill spends a few minutes talking about the collective genius that exists in highly successful companies such as Pixlar and Google. If you have 15 minutes, it’s worth watching.


Author: ChloeFlowers

A romantic at heart and a volleyball fanatic by nature, I write romance novels to offset the practical business of being a college professor. I teach marketing management to MBA students. I am married to my best boyfriend ever and have 3 teenaged children and a very fuzzy goldendoodle named Indiana Jones.

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